This is a young informative blog and virtual magazine that seeks to give hope and information to young individuals who seek to venture into business, social change and any proactive work that gives them financial freedom. Its in the spirit of following your dreams and earning a living out of it.

The magazine wishes to expose all the young people doing something to make Kenya different through their abilities and proactive efforts.

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Whats More? Well,


YOUNGVIBE- entertainment with a cause

Who are you?


YOUNGVIBE is an event hosting and entertainment solutions group whose main aim of existence is to engage everybody, young at heart, to crowd source and help non-profit groups and organisations, raise funds and meet their need. We do this by hosting themed parties and events therefore, simply put, we are an event hosting, fun loving entertainment group whose existence is to provide entertainment with a cause.

What we know is that all people love and enjoy having a goodtime; these good times should not go ‘wasted’. What we do is establish a platform where entertainment is for a good cause. When young people come to enjoy and have a good time, let them do it for a good reason, a worthy cause. Our wish is to engage not only young people but also older individuals, radio presenters, musicians and DJs, everybody in these one of a kind events.


What do you do?


  1. We collaborate with non-profit organisations and help them raise funds to meet their present challenges and needs through a process known as crowd sourcing. Crowd sourcing really is just but the raising of funds to donate to non-profit groups who use it to meet their needs. Our crowd sourcing technique involves engaging young people to come out for organised events, parties and celebrations, enjoy, have a good time, and at the end of it all, have done something positive.


  1. We team up with other entertainment groups and venues and ensure that we host entertaining parties and events, with proceeds of cash collected going to selected non-profits we will be currently working with.


  1. Apart from hosting the most exciting parties, we also conduct televised interviews of young social innovators and young entrepreneurs who are currently doing something and positively changing societies around them, it streams live on our YouTube page.

What we do is much about making a difference; touching a life and ensuring that we have a goodtime while at it. We champion and encourage everyone to party with a cause.



How do you do it?


Well, simply put, we primarily engage and work with many non-profit groups. We talk, create relationships and identify problems that they may be facing in carrying out of laid out project plans they may want to accomplish with either a short term or long objective. A cause or reason as to why these groups may be facing certain challenges in their current activities is established and carefully communicated to the partnering groups and from it we develop laid strategies to reach target goals of how much we can raise to help these groups in their projects.

Do you collaborate?

Yes, a lot really, most of this work means that we make partnerships and collaborations with a lot of people and groups. It is what makes all this possible. Most of it is through radio stations, nonprofits and entertainment groups.

How do we contact you?

No hustles really, get in touch with our PR and communications team

Moha +254 729 844 398 or Mwash +254 734 740 736


You can just follow everything on twitter and face book

Twitter handle: @partywithacause

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/partywithacause

YouTube subscribe: YOUNGVIBEtv




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