Paintings Exhibition: Riziki by Tom Ogonga, Nov. 14-30 2012 @ Alliance

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Dates: November 14-30, 2012
Venue: Alliance Francaise, Ground Floor Gallery

This is an exhibition of recent paintings & prints by Ogonga Thom featuring his current body of work where he has combined his ‘typical illustrative paintings & drawings’ while experimenting with conventional printmaking techniques in painting.

He is exploring human relationships while interrogating how humans behave within a space depending on who/what is in that particular space within the threshold of darkness (night-life) as the core theme of his work.

Tom is born, raised, schooled, working and living in Nairobi-Kenya
Ogonga Thom is an artist inspired by fashion, music, urban lifestyles and even more fascinated by the controversial city nightlife. All the activities that color the night excite the artist in him and feature prominently as the theme of his work.

He is also involved in project conceptualization & implemenation and writes art-related articles for his blog (

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