I want to be young and sucessful…


This article goes to most importantly all of us, young people who want and have the desire for more, If you ever wake up and feel that you want more in life, like this is not enough, destined for greatness and beyond then take a second to read this,

On the 4th of October the Daily nation printed an article on ‘why majority of jobless youth wont get jobs‘ that was a depressing article given the fact that 64 per cent are youth, and that about 92 per cent of these young people have no vocational or professional skills training. So i went to the website address and a certain user gave this reply for the article

“Jobs in Kenya do not depend on being skilled or not,it all depends on who your father knows and where HR to pick the money envelop .There are many engineers,doctors,scientists with masters etc whose jobs re usually taken by connected certificate holders after being duped to apply for them.Just look at how doctors and registrars are treated” 

Well after reading all this, you would ask yourself, whats in it for me if the future looks this grim? well, do not fret, because just like you, One Dr. Wale Akimenyi saved the day, on the same same day, Daily Nation printed this article written by this man.here is the link you can read at you’re on time,http://www.nation.co.ke/Features/DN2/Ever+figured+out+your+potential/-/957860/1524402/-/106c2cp/-/index.html

In summary he gave hope that in the midst of all this, if you have a drive, potential and dream to go far?well guess what savvy, you’re future is super bright.Imagination is how far we can stretch our minds to paint a picture of the unknown and the unseen.

So after all this then i say to us all, we are young, we are ambitious and we definitely want to make it, what do we do?

1. Realize that its a jungle out there- Everyday when you wake up know the world just got complicated, avenues for easy money are not that available, there is competition. So what do we do?

2. Lets get focused- Young people i realize have one big problem, getting focused, having a determined goal and path to follow. If you take a look at my life some time back, getting a bearing was hard, I always had something that derailed me from my intended vision. This is not to say that we do not have great ideas, we do. Its just that the focus and ability to remain focused on those goals and dreams is what kills us, we want easy way out, live life, drink, party, get wasted…at the same time, make money, halllooooo?

3. Consistency.-so lets get a vision, am sure by now, you realize where we go wrong, not that we are total wipe outs, no, we have potential,(read the link I provided) we can make it. So we shall charter a vision and clear way forward, that one that assures success, but, we understand its not going to be easy it will be hard and sometimes, we will want and have the burning urge to quit, so what now? we keep at it, like crack addicts stuck in rehab. Consistency always comes through. A good friend of mine once told me ‘if you’re doing this, die with it’ in other words he meant believe in it to the death of you, have no shadow of doubt that this will fail. Consistency

4. Get rid of dead weight- ‘Am consistent I do what am supposed to do, am not derailed’ well good for you, im consistent as well, so whats dragging me behind, DEAD WEIGHT its a metaphor for cutting loose, again, metaphor for cutting off friendship and relationships that do not add to your success and help you attain your full potential. CUT THEM LOOSE. Young people we love to be approved and relax in areas and friendships that even though have no meaning to us, but the feeling of approval, gosh we love that. Wake up, you’re sinking, they are keeping you from achieving you. How are you going to be entrepreneur if you have friends eating off you instead of telling you of new prospects???

5 Look at that, you’re making it…..-  Have you realized, have you cut them loose? have you seen that vision, you promise to be consistent, to yourself, your family your future and you’re cat?( LOL they need you too),well read the link on potential, and look at you now, you’re making  it,…..excuse me sir/madam, am calling from youngvibe magazine, you are such  an inspiration, can we have a one-on-one interview from you on being young, rich and successful?


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