Understanding Ben Kiruthi…

Ben Kiruthi is By far the most inspirational Man I know of. He is kind and warm and most importantly good at what he does, He is young and talented putting God first in everything that he does and this has helped him achieve great heights,

A young budding photographer who has his sights keenly set on the big time, I did not manage to get his age but he is definitely young at heart, he is our inspiration. In an interview with this great man  I let you in on Understanding Ben Kiruthi….lifestyle and wedding photojournalist

Q.1-so Ben,many need to understand,your fear,respect and faith in
God,how has that shaped your character and talent to the man we see

Wonderful question. Faith in God is the basis of our photography business. The foundation in which the business stands tall. Apart from God we would never be any good….As I love saying I am a Christian who happens to be a photographer. Christ is my all, the center & focus of everything I am & do. He is the X-factor in every shot….the mysterious silver lining that makes our work stand out…just because it is laced with Faith, nothing but pure faith in God!

Q.2-you have been profiled in kenya weddings to
jaybride,celebrationskenya and your very own website benkiruthi.com
which is beyond phenomenal,how do you remain humble yet honored?
Hahaha! I am just learning of that humility thingy now :-). I cannot for the life of me take the credit…it all belongs to God. I guess part of it stems from the fact, I know how far God has brought me from & also the business. I was rudely orphaned at 15 years old. Throughout all my growing life I have learnt to wait on God as if my very life depended on it. So, what reason do I have to boast & flaunt? nothing whatsoever. I have just been favored of God, I have done very little in my journey so far….It’s God’s show, I’m just a tool in the master’s palm & plan.

Q.3 So   just 4closure,where did it all start,the passion,the
flare,the desire to change and impact the world,as you say ur heart
and passion is to share the world as u see it through the lens of a
Well, it is a beautiful, beautiful story. I keep telling people that if my life can make any difference then anybody’s can. I started taking photos with my phone’s camera, from there I kept at it…I wanted to succeed, to be the best, at whatever cost. So, I burnt all my bridges of ever going back to my previous life, and put all my life, being & energy into the business. I kept telling God that whatever opportunity He would give me to share this story; then I would tell of where He brought me from. I am so humbled for the platform & influence God has given me & I will stop at nothing, but to make a difference with my brief experience here on earth.

Q.4 Youngvibe is a social innovators and entrepreneurs magazine, we
highlight young people who are doing the extraordinary using their
talents and positively influencing society, tell us about you r
innovation that teaches on basic photography?

Yes, I conduct a mentor ship/training class dubbed ‘Imani Initiative‘, that is basically charged with training & inspiring aspiring photographers & photography enthusiasts on the basics of photography & basically how to get a good shot.
I am beginning to do the class weekly as there is such a great & growing demand from young & aspiring photographers…So, I will devote my time & resource to training & helping them as much as I can. The training is absolutely free by the way 🙂

Q.5 With your photography,how does it feel for you when you take
captivating photos and your clients are appreciative, happy and

That for me is the ultimate fulfillment for my work. Nothing beats a couple going through their wedding album & they are awash with emotion, laughing, giggling & tearing. It is my goal to attempt & capture the emotion of the wedding day on camera…so for me it is absolute joy to see a client appreciate the work…I live for such moments as these 🙂

Q.7 Right now, we give you the chance,Ben Kiruthi, inspire others to
rise up to the challenge…to follow their dreams and reach for new

The world right now is bubbling with opportunity…run, jump & dive to follow your dreams…we only have one life to live…so live it. Go all out & be what God intended you to be…never forget that your life everyday is like a novel your authoring…you determine how the story turns out…and lastly…’Whatsoever the mind of a man can conceive & believe, that it can & will achieve!

Q.8 And on being  an engineer…?:-)

Haha…my initial training is Electronics & Computer Engineering…I realized before it was too late that I was not born to be an Engineer 🙂 …so I resigned from my 8-5 job & delved into what I love & was born to do…take pictures 🙂 the rest as they say….by God’s help is History….


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